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What makes Wild Spirit Native Plants different from other native plant nurseries?


1. We grow all of our plants at the nursery. We do not have a wholesale supplier. We grow our plants from seed only, no cuttings or division. The plants are in our care from seed collection until we sell them to you, so we know their original source and exactly how they were grown. 

2. We are concerned about the genetic diversity of native plant species and so we grow only straight species, with a goal of growing local ecotype only.  No cultivars or nativars. While some cultivars may still benefit some insects and birds, there is the potential for cultivars to affect the genetics of the wild species population. Yes, all natives are good for pollinators and wildlife but local ecotype is the best for the plants. If you are interested in ecological gardening, straight species, local ecotype will provide the most benefit.

3. We strive to grow plants that are truly native to Maryland. There are many nurseries selling plants that are not actually native to our state. And there is a lot of incorrect information floating around. Please see our resources page for a link to the Maryland Plant Atlas, which has the most accurate information regarding what plants are native to Maryland. The Maryland Native Plant Society recommends the Maryland Plant Atlas for determining nativity.

4. We grow our plants in an organic mix composed of compost, coconut coir, and rice hulls. See our resources page to learn why it's important to go peat, perlite, and vermiculite-free.

5. We offer "recycling" of our pots. Bring them back next time you shop - we will sanitize and reuse them. 

Jewelweed Impatiens capensis
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